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Can I ship my SPS order with my Lagusta’s Luscious order?
Yes! Please follow these steps:
  1. Place your SPS order, mention in the order note that you would like this to ship with an LL order.
  2. Place your LL order, mention in the order note your SPS order number from step 1.
  3. When your order is processed (typically every Monday) your SPS shipping will be refunded & your order will be bundled with your LL order.
Important: You have to place your orders on the same day and follow these steps exactly. If not, we cannot guarantee your bundle and will not be able to refund your shipping. We’re a small business, doing our best! If you have any questions please contact . ♡

When will my order ship?
Due to the heat sensitivity of our products and our launch team of four people, we will be shipping Monday-Wednesday biweekly aligned with our restock schedule! We will begin shipping 8/15 and our next shipping date will be 8/30.

A note on summer shipping:
In the months of May-October a fee of $6 is included in shipping costs to cover ice packs and insulation.


What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?
‘Hemp’ is the term used to define a cannabis plant containing less than .3% THC (the psychoactive component). Marijuana cannabis sativa plants contain more than .3% THC. Hemp derived products do not contain enough of the psychoactive component to get you “high.”


What is CBD?
CBD is one of the many cannabinoids derived from the cannabis sativa plant. It is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is not psychoactive and is primarily utilized for its calming effects on the body.


Why does SPS use full-spectrum distillate?
We chose to use full-spectrum distillate for our products for a few reasons – primarily because we all try to eat a whole foods diet, and we let those same principles guide us as much as possible in our confections. Eating all parts of a plant rather than a refined, broken down part is always healthier. Full spectrum distillate contains many, many cannabinoids, and using them together, called “the entourage effect,” has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the plant’s powers. (But our caramels do not contain enough of the psychoactive cannabinoids to get you high.) Full spectrum also means the oil has gone through minimal remediation, it’s the purest form of distillate.


Will SPS products get me high?
While SPS caramels contain a very small amount of THC (as all full-spectrum CBD distillate does), our products will not get you high. You can check out our test results page if you would like to see the breakdown of cannabinoids in our products.


How do I know how many caramels to eat?
Our recommended serving size is 1 caramel.


What kinds of ingredients does SPS use?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the most ethical ingredients we can find. Our full-spectrum distillate is sourced from Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY. Hepworth is a super local, women-owned, regenerative farm, we’ve admired them from afar for many years and are so excited to work with them.

 We don’t use any palm oil in our products and our sugar is 100% vegan, fair-trade, and organic. We utilize our local farmers as much as possible, attempting to find flavor combinations that showcase the unbelievable flavor of the Hudson Valley’s beautiful fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. Our chocolate is sourced from Republica del Cacao in Ecuador. We’ve visited the farms where our cacao and the sugar in our chocolate are grown and are so proud to use such wonderful, ethically-grown chocolate. To learn more about the ethics of our chocolate, check out and you can read more about our ethics on our sister-business’ website here:


What major allergens are in SPS caramels?
Everything SPS makes is 100% vegan so you never have to worry about dairy or eggs – we don’t allow either in our production space. All of our caramels contain coconut and small amounts of soy. Our caramels are nut free but produced in a facility that uses a lot of nuts!


Are SPS products safe to take with prescription medication?

Please consult your physician if you have any health or medication concerns before consuming SPS caramels.


How should I store my CBD caramels?
We recommend storing our caramels in a cool dry space, not in the refrigerator unless it’s super hot. Bring all caramels to room temperature before eating.