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A dreamy caramel with CBD, wine syrup, chamomile, and lavender, enrobed in dark chocolate and designed for maximum chill.

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The first caramel Shana and I worked on was Dream: Chamomile Cabernet Caramel. We’ve been trying to source local chamomile and lavender for it for *ages* but those high-labor, small-harvest herbs are really hard for the diversified local farms we typically work with to grow profitably. If you have a tip, let us know! So instead we’re using good organic chamomile and lavender, plus a Cabernet wine syrup. The result is one of the most satiny, stretchy, smooth caramels I’ve ever made in 20 years of turning sugar from crystals to syrups. It’s gentle but not boring, our version of sleepytime tea.

Ingredients: truly ethical chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), evaporated cane juice sugar,* coconut milk,* cane syrup,* coconut oil,* wine, chamomile,* vanilla extract, cream of tartar, salt, lavender, full spectrum CBD distillate*
Contains: soy, coconut
*denotes an organic ingredient

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