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The creamiest CBD infused caramel ever, a latte in a bite. Hudson Valley maple and small- batch espresso, enriched with housemade maple white chocolate and enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Maple Latte Milk Caramel

Milk Caramel!! Can you dig it? A deluxe ultra creamy caramel so fluffy and velvety that it doesn’t melt, it just softens. It’s TRICKY to make — lining up all those milk proteins! Making sure no one gets so super saturated that they fall out of suspension. And, like Ginger Rogers we’re doing it all backwards and in heels: vegan milks only. In this case coconut milk plus tons of house-made maple white chocolate. A coffee syrup made from Lagusta’s Cafe leftover brewed coffee (no waste!!) and maple sugar, plus wonderful organic full spectrum CBD distillate from Hepworth Farms simmers with all that creaminess, then we enrobe the whole thing in dark chocolate. Truly a one-bite maple latte. A masterpiece, honestly!!

Ingredients: truly ethical chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), evaporated cane juice sugar,* coconut milk,* cane syrup,* coconut oil,* coffee, maple white chocolate (cocoa butter,* local maple sugar,* coconut milk powder,* tapioca maltodextrin, gum acacia), vanilla,* sea salt, extracts,* cream of tartar, full spectrum CBD distillate*

Contains: soy, coconut
* denotes an organic ingredient

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