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Intense fruitiness from blueberries and cassis balanced with Ashanti peppercorn and wild-foraged local mushroom tincture, all magically folded into smooth CBD-infused caramel and enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Blueberry Black Currant

Our blueberry and cassis caramel, lovingly named Support, is already becoming a house favorite. It took a long time to get right, which fruity caramels tend to do. Their sugars can mess everything up, there’s always a lot of fiddling to do. Local cassis (black currant liqueur) smooths everything out and a little ground black pepper cuts all that fruit and caramel. Not just any pepper though, we get special Ashanti peppercorns at Kalustyan’s because they work in conjunction with CBD to activate the “entourage effect” — plants are unbelievable, man oh man. So: masses of fruit, beautiful black pepper, full spectrum locally grown organic CBD, AND ALSO! A little dropper of locally foraged mushroom tincture, just because. You don’t taste it, but its magic is there. It’s a supercharged cauldron, the pot these caramels are born in, believe me. When they’re set we send them through a waterfall of dark chocolate and garnish each piece with homemade white and naturally-colored purple white chocolate. A little secret: we press a holographic diffraction sheet (is anyone still reading? is this the most complicated caramel ever??) onto each garnish piece for hologram vibes, but so far they haven’t stood up to the rigors of shipping — a diffraction sheet etches the chocolates so it looks holographic to your eye (no bad stuff!), but if the chocolate gets jostled the effect is often lost. If you see it, consider it good luck for the rest of the day. THIS IS A WILD PIECE. Hope you love it as much as we do.

Ingredients: truly ethical chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), evaporated cane juice sugar,* coconut milk,* cane syrup,* coconut oil,* blueberries*, local cassis, blueberry
powder, tapioca malodextrin, gum acacia, extracts, maitake extract, salt, cream of tartar, vanilla extract, ashanti pepper, citric acid, full spectrum CBD distillate*
Contains: soy, coconut
*denotes an organic ingredient

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