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CBD + Fresh Hudson Valley apples + sweetly spicy ginger + beautiful caramel, all enrobed in dark chocolate and intended to calm stomachs and hearts.

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Soothe: Apple Ginger Caramel

Apple caramels are somewhat of a tradition at Lagusta’s Luscious, our sister (mother? Let’s say sister.) business. We’re in apple country and it would be a shanda (we’re a 2/3 Jewish-owned business [but you know you always go by the mother, and since Shana & I are the moms of the house let’s just say, ah, 100% ha ha] so get used to Yiddish on the site, ok?) not to make use of our beautiful Hudson Valley bounty, so we’re continuing the tradition with this apple-ginger caramel. We only use tart apples so they cut through the caramel beautifully, and ginger adds layers of flavor. We blend in a touch of organic full-spectrum, locally-grown CBD and the whole shebang is enrobed in dark chocolate and sprinkled with fennel sugar for the tiniest tiniest savory note.

Ingredients: truly ethical chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegan sugar,
soy lecithin, vanilla), evaporated cane juice sugar,* coconut milk,* cane syrup,* coconut oil,* candied ginger, local apples, apple cider vinegar,* apple cider, salt, cream of tartar, ginger,* fennel, vanilla extract, full spectrum CBD distillate*
Contains: soy, coconut
* denotes an organic ingredient

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